Trading In The Sweats


It all started when I was younger….

And my mother told me to throw out my old sweats. She said she was sick of seeing me in those *green pants* and that I needed to get rid of them. I had a tendency to wear the same few comfy sweats all the time and she obviously got sick of seeing them.  Eventually I got rid of them–but probably not soon enough. Sorry Mom! 😉

Now that I’ve Grown Up Gotten Older…

I like to think I’ve changed my ways, but often I still catch myself in the same sweats and casual tops lounging at home. I tell myself I need to get some nice lounging outfits (so my husband doesn’t get sick of my boring sweats), but somehow, I end up buying that cute dress instead. *face palm*

Enter….Silk By Nancy

I now officially own my first pair of silk pyjamas and lounge-wear!! Yay!  Silk by Nancy sleepwear has been my first set of silk pyjamas–for real! They are so much prettier than my sweats!! The shorts and cami set are what I have been wearing to bed, and the beautiful pink pants and long sleeve have been perfect for lounging!! They are made of 100% silk, making them sooo smooth and dare I say…silky. 

 Silk by Nancy collections have just launched and you should check out some of the gorgeous sets and blouses  available here!

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Brought to you in collaboration with Silk By Nancy


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  • Corinne
    June 15, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    I love your new take on “sweats”! ❤️Mom