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The holidays are over and I’m still waiting to get my work permit so I can go back to my day job! The governemnt sure does like to take their time. In the meantime, I am staying busy with the blog and working to bring you guys some great content this year!

To say I am in love with this bag is an understatement! I have been looking for a tote bag for a while now. But every time I am out shopping for one, I just can’t pull the trigger. Giant tote bags are great for travel, but day to day, they dont work well for me. I just end up filling them with too many things and it become so heavy to carry! Lol. On the flip side, I also dislike that my small bags cant fit the things I do need!

So…welcome my new Hazlmay Lily tote. This bag is the perfect size! Still a tote, but not massive! It also has a great removable pouch to keep things more organized. The clean simple design is what drew me to the bag and the faux leather is so soft and smooth with an affordable price point!

Check out the bag here (it also comes in a great nude color!). Also, use code: MYVIEWINHEELS for 20% off your order! And sign up with your email for even more discounts on a future purchase!

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